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Gas Welding Accessories
Oxyacetylene welding and cutting sets. Welding nozzles. Oxygen and acetylene regulators. Flash back arrestors.
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Mig Gas Regulators
Top quality regulators made to ISO 2503. Industrial regulators fit CO2, Argon, and CO2/Argon mix gas cylinders, using adaptors where applicable.
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Mig Tips & Nozzles
Starter packs. Contact tips. Conical, cylindrical and spot weld nozzles. Nozzle springs. Diffuser adaptors.
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Mig Torches
Mig torches with euro connection.
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Mig Welding Wire
Mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, copper silicon bronze and flux cored welding wire.
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Safety Products
Body, leg and arm protection. Welding helmets and respirators. Leather safety hoods and....
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Soldering Wire
Solder wire quick flow 40/60. Flux paste. Solder fluxing fluid. Solder wire dispensing stand.
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Spot Welder Arms & Accessories
A range of heavy-duty welding arms. Electrode sharpener. Spot weld cutter. Spot weld cutter set.
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Stud Welding
Stud welding kits. Stud welding nails and washers.
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Welding Electrodes
Electrodes for welding dissimilar steels, hardfacing electrodes and electrodes for welding stainless steel. General purpose electrodes.
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Workshop Accessories
Welding vices. Welding table. Welding bottle trolly. Welding cutain. Magnetic clamps. Welding pliers. Chipping hammer and brush.
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Angle Grinder Discs & Wheels
Buy online the best in abrasive grinding, cutting, sanding discs and wheels for use on all sizes of angle grinders.
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