Thread grinding wheels


Thread grinding wheels are specialised tools designed for precision machining of threaded parts. They are commonly used in various manufacturing and engineering applications to create accurate threads on different materials. These wheels come in various forms, including single-rib, which is ideal for flexible or small batch production, and multi-rib, which is more suitable for high-volume production due to its faster operation. The choice of wheel—aluminioum oxide, ceramic, diamond, or CBN—depends on the material being worked on and the specific requirements of the task. For instance, diamond and CBN grinding wheels offer superior durability and performance for hard materials. The precision and quality of thread grinding wheels are crucial as they directly affect the efficiency and lifespan of the threaded components they produce.

Abtec can manufacture almost any size grinding wheel in various abrasive, grit sizes and bonds.  At competitive prices and fast lead times.  Contact one of our sales representatives now.
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