Surface blending points and burrs

Mounted felt polishing burrs and points are essential tools for achieving a high-quality finish in tight areas and on complex shapes. These tools come in various shapes and sizes, allowing for precision work on every area and different shaped components. Typically used with polishing compounds, they help in achieving a mirror polish, especially in difficult corners where larger tools cannot reach. The spindle-mounted design makes them easy to attach to rotary tools, such as electric drills or grinders, facilitating their use in a wide range of applications from jewelry making to metalwork. 

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  • Felt Polishing Burrs

    Felt Polishing Burrs

    £0.38£0.46 (inc. VAT)
    Cloth bonded felt polishing points, burrs and wheels for use with or without polishing compound. Available in the following....
  • W' Shape Mounted Polishing Wheels

    W' Shape Mounted Polishing Wheels

    £5.39£6.47 (inc. VAT)
    'W' shape spindle mounted rubber bonded abrasive polishing wheels. Click on the image to view price and discount structure.