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Conventional coated or bonded abrasive creates increased heat the smaller the grit size used. Consequently it may be impossible to achieve a high finish without causing thermal damage to the work-piece and clogging of the abrasive. In some instances coolant may resolve the problem but in applications where hand held machines are used this may not be practicable.

Surface blending and conditioning belts, discs, wheels and points are long-lasting and highly efficient method of using coarse through to ultra-fine grits without causing thermal damage to the work-piece. These products do not require coolant and can be successfully used on angle grinders, die grinders, drills, bench grinders, portable and fixed belt sanders as well as more specialist machines including Satinex and floor polishing machines.
Superb mirror finish can be achieved with the added use of polishing or diamond pastes even when using high speed angle grinders.

Surface blending discs and belts can not only provide a superior finish but have the capacity to remove high spots from weld and base material to achieve a clean consistent finish without damaging the surrounding surface. In more critical areas removal of rust, scale, paint and filler can be achieved leaving the area ready to prime, paint or blend.
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