Silicon carbide abrasive sanding and polishing discs and wheels.


Polishing stone, marble, and granite to achieve a high-gloss finish can be accomplished using silicon carbide abrasive discs. This method involves using a series of progressively finer grits to smooth and then polish the stone surface. Starting with a coarse grit to remove any scratches or imperfections, the process moves to finer and finer grits, eventually reaching a grit that is fine enough to produce a shiny, polished surface. It's important to note that there are both dry and wet polishing methods. Dry polishing generates dust and requires protective gear such as eye and breathing protection, while wet polishing uses water to minimize dust and can help achieve a higher gloss finish. Specialized tools like an orbital polisher or a simple drill with a variable-speed motor can be used for this purpose, with flexible pads that attach to the drill or polisher to hold the sanding discs. This process not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the stone but also protects it by sealing the pores on the surface.