Sharpening Stones and Files


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  • Dual Sharpener.

    Dual Sharpener.

    The 'Dual Sharpener' combines a coarse and fine aluminium oxide grain to provide a strong, keen, long lasting edge on....
  • Garden Tool  Sharpener.

    Garden Tool Sharpener.

    Ideal for all large garden and workshop tools including shears, sickles and....
  • Handy Sharpener.

    Handy Sharpener.

    The 'Handy Sharpener' has an ergonomic handle for comfortable, easy use. The shape of the stone conforms to....
  • Knife Sharpener.

    Knife Sharpener.

    A unique innovation, this compact, easy to use rolling wheel sharpener has two slots, to sharpen each side of...
  • India combination oil stone

    India combination oil stone

    India combination oil stones manufactured by Norton. Side A Coarse India / Side B Fine India. Pre-filled with oil.......
  • Folding Diamond Whetstone FDW600

    Folding Diamond Whetstone FDW600

    Diamond whetstone supplied in a handy storage case that unfolds to act as a handle. • Suitable for the sharpening of knives, scissors and......
  • 5 pc Hub Cleaning Kit HCT1

    5 pc Hub Cleaning Kit HCT1

    Our Brake Hub Cleaning Kit product gives operators a quick and effective means of removing rust from the brakes, rotor and...
  • Pferd Hand File

    Pferd Hand File

    Rectangular file, cut on three sides, one side uncut. Version with tang. Shape A according to DIN 7261. Suitable for.....
  • Pferd CS-X chain saw sharpeners

    Pferd CS-X chain saw sharpeners

    The CS-X chain saw sharpener stands out due to its excellent file position, ergonomic shape and easier operation. The device provides a...
  • Pferd Universal Chamfer File

    Pferd Universal Chamfer File

    Rectangular file in a special plastic holder, straight cut on two sides. Ideal for easy and fast repair and for deburring on.....