Rail grinding and cutting stones and discs.


Rail grinding and cutting wheels are essential tools in the maintenance and repair of railway tracks. They are designed to remove imperfections and restore the profile of the rail, which is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of trains. Cutting wheels are used to precisely cut through the rail, often made from high-strength materials to ensure clean cuts and durability. Grinding wheels, on the other hand, are used to smooth out the surface of the rail, removing any irregularities or damage. These wheels come in various sizes and specifications, tailored to different types of rail work. For instance, Flexovit offers a range of abrasives for rail applications, including cutting-off wheels and grinding solutions that provide precision, speed, and power. Moreover, advancements in abrasive technology have led to products like the Maxx3 Rail Cutting Wheel, which delivers high performance in cutting through hard metal. It's important to choose the right wheel for the job, as the safety and longevity of the railway infrastructure depend on the quality of maintenance work performed. 

Abtec can manufacture almost any size grinding wheel in various abrasive, grit sizes and bonds.  At competitive prices and fast lead times.  Contact one of our sales representatives now.
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