Polishing wheels and Diamond lapping pastes.


Convolute polishing wheels and diamond paste are essential components in the field of precision finishing. Convolute wheels, crafted by wrapping and bonding non-woven material around a core, are known for their durability and effectiveness in deburring, blending, and finishing operations on metal surfaces. They come in various diameters, grades, and densities to suit different materials and applications. Diamond paste, on the other hand, is used for its superior abrasive properties, providing a high-quality finish on hard surfaces. It's often applied in lapping, polishing, and grinding processes, where precision and smoothness are paramount. Together, these tools play a crucial role in achieving the desired surface finish in manufacturing and metalworking industries.

Abtec can manufacture almost any size grinding wheel in various abrasive, grit sizes and bonds.  At competitive prices and fast lead times.  Contact one of our sales representatives now.
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