Polishing points, burrs and wheels. Spindle mounted.


Spindle-mounted polishing points, burrs, and wheels are essential tools for detailed finishing work. They are commonly used in metalworking, woodworking, and for manufacturing applications where precision is key. These tools are attached to a spindle, which allows for easy manoeuvrability and access to tight spaces. The variety of shapes and sizes available makes them versatile for achieving the desired finish on different materials. Whether you're deburring a piece of metal, smoothing out a wooden sculpture, or giving a final polish to a manufactured part, these spindle-mounted tools can provide a high-quality finish with the right technique and care. 

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  • W' Shape Mounted Polishing Wheels

    W' Shape Mounted Polishing Wheels

    £5.39£6.47 (inc. VAT)
    'W' shape spindle mounted rubber bonded abrasive polishing wheels. Click on the image to view price and discount structure.
  • Air Die Grinder 90° Angle. GSA674

    Air Die Grinder 90° Angle. GSA674

    £35.57£42.68 (inc. VAT)
    Contoured composite handle moulded around lightweight aluminium alloy housing, reduces effects of chill on operator's hands and provides added control......
  • Felt Polishing Burrs

    Felt Polishing Burrs

    £0.38£0.46 (inc. VAT)
    Cloth bonded felt polishing points, burrs and wheels for use with or without polishing compound. Available in the following....