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Our Partners

Norton Saint-Gobain is a technology leader and sits at the forefront of the abrasive industry providing highly engineered, high-performance value-adding abrasives. Norton continually delivers innovative solutions continual investment in R& D and generates highly performance optimised innovations.
This strong commitment ensures that exciting new products are continuously introduced which offer substantial customer benefits. Helping to improve process productivity and reshape the world of abrasive solutions. OSA accredited.
Products: Cutting-off wheels, sanding discs, rolls, sheets and belts. Surface conditioning discs. Precision grinding wheels, mounted points and wheels. Super abrasives in diamond and CBN. Wire brushes and carbide burrs.

As one of the worlds leading manufacturers of bonded grinding, cutting, sawing, drilling and dressing tools and a system supplier of tools and machines for the construction industry the family-run Tyrolit company has been synonymous with superior quality, innovative spirit and outstanding service since 1919.
Day in, day out the experts at  Tyrolit are busy working on solutions that accommodate the individual requirements of customers around the world; thus contributing to their business success. Some 80,000 available products set the standard in various industrial sectors. OSA accredited.
Products: Precision bonded grinding and cutting wheels. Super abrasives in diamond and CBN. Cutting and grinding discs. Flap discs.
Abracs produce professional products for the professional user. Every Abracs product is manufactured with absolute quality to European and international safety standards. Each product must undergo rigorous testing and quality control procedures which have earned Abracs RISQS, ISO 9001 and O.S.A. accreditation.
Products: Grinding and cutting discs. Flap discs. Bench grinder wheels. Fibre backed sanding discs. Wire brush products.

Established in Italy in 1953, SAIT ABRASIVI S.p.A. is today one of the largest abrasive manufacturers in the world producing both bonded and coated abrasives for the industrial world-wide market. Being members of both 'FEPA' (European Federation of Abrasive Producers) based in France as well as O.S.A. (Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives), based in Germany, ensures that SAIT products are manufactured consistently to the very highest standards.

Products: Sanding discs, belts, flap wheel, bands, rolls and sheets. Hand sanding pads, sponges and blocks. Automotive polishing compounds.

Klingspor was founded in 1893 as a family owned business and is today one of the world's five leading manufacturers of abrasives.
Klingspor's premium quality products satisfy even the toughest standards in terms of surface finish, service life and machine performance. Klingspor carry more than 50,000 tools for all of your grinding, cutting, milling, polishing and stock removal needs. The breadth and depth of the product range offers the right tool for your specific requirements - often with a variety of different options. OSA accredited.
Products: Sanding discs, rolls, belts, strips, sheets, mops. Grinding and cutting discs. Carbide burrs. Quick change discs.

In 1958, in Enschede, Wim Ebbink started his own production of Flexovit and Speedoflex cutting-off discs and grinding wheels. In 1998 Flexovit was acquired by Saint-Gobain and began adding to its product portfolio with coated and non-woven abrasives, bonded abrasives, diamond cutting tools, carbide burrs and steel brushes. Today Flexovit continues to demonstrate its excellent worldwide brand reputation for complete high performance abrasives for cutting, grinding, blending, finishing and polishing, for all industrial applications. OSA accredited.
Products: Cutting off and grinding wheels. Sanding discs, belts, flap wheels, bands, rolls and sheets. Flexbrite non-woven abrasives. Polishing mops and compounds. Precision grinding wheels. Carbide burrs.


SIA Abrasives is one of the world's leading suppliers of abrasives. SIA have more than 140 years of expertise, unsurpassed innovation and one of the most comprehensive ranges of products with solutions for all materials, a wide variety of applications and abrasives in all shapes and forms.

SIA are your abrasives specialists and are familiar with the process steps for all customers from all industries and craft trades. Whatever your sanding needs, SIA have the right solution ready for you. Finished by SIA Abrasives with the aim: Our solutions for perfect surfaces.
Sanding discs, belts, flap wheel, bands, rolls and sheets. Hand sanding pads, sponges and blocks.

Bibielle is a specialist manufacturer of non-woven abrasive products. The main applications for these products are deburring, blending and finishing variety of materials such as all kinds of metals, plastic and composite materials.
Products: Belts, discs, wheels

For over 100 years Starcke abrasive cloths and papers have added the finishing touches in a wide variety of applications, manufacturing quality products. With a corporate history spanning over 280 years since the company’s origin and 175 years under the STARCKE name, they aim to further build on this tradition by actively forging the future. This is effectively demonstrated by their production facility for coated abrasives, completed in 1997, which is ranked among the most sophisticated operations of its kind world-wide and guarantees the high standard of their acknowledged top-of-the-line quality products.
Products: Sanding rolls, discs, floor screens, fine grit sheets, floor sanding belts.

DRONCO is among the top 5 of Europe's leading manufacturers in the field of abrasives and sells its products worldwide in approximately 120 countries. The Dronco range of cutting, grinding and abrasive discs, diamond tools, ceramic abrasives, abrasive paper sheets and technical brushes is renowned for its outstanding quality among professional tradesmen and demanding DIY users worldwide.
Products: Cutting discs, diamond blades, wire brushes.

Hermes Schleifmittel is a company in the true Hamburg tradition with roots going as far back as 1927. Hermes is not only one of the world's leading manufacturers of coated abrasives; since 1993, it has also had a key market position in precision bonded abrasives.

Hermes owes this market position to its insistence on absolute top quality and an obligation to this tradition and it is their primary maxim for the future. This is an obligation which is the greatest possible motivation and to which Hermes devote all their energies and commitment. Rooted in tradition, looking to the future.
Products: Sanding discs, fibre backed discs, flap discs, rolls, belts, floor pads.


MIRKA LTD is a family-owned Finnish company and a world leader in abrasives technology innovation. Mirka offer a complete range of technically superior, high quality abrasives, innovatively designed tools, complete sanding systems and supplementary products. This comprehensive and innovative solution delivers real benefits to customers in terms of speed, first-class efficiency, surface finish quality and cost effectiveness, even when tackling the most demanding applications.

Mirka is the first company in its sector to obtain the three most important quality standards. The production process guarantees reliable quality by following the ISO 9001 quality assurance system. The OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system ensures a high level of work safety. The ISO 14001 environmental management system proves that we consider the environment in all our activities.

At Abtec we are proud to partner with the very best industrial abrasive manufacturers worldwide. But we also recognise the importance of small to medium enterprises that manufacture on our behalf highly efficient, and often unique, abrasive products. These companies are spread across the globe. Many are based in the United Kingdom but also in Europe, North America, India and China. All have one thing in common. All must meet the high standard of manufacture expected by our customers. When you see our Abtec logo on a product page you can expect a product that meets your expectation for performance and reliability.