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Hose Clip Assortments
Zinc plated, Stainless steel hose clips. O-clips. Mini hose clips.
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Lock Nuts, Lock Washer Assortments
Nylon Lock Nuts, Steel Nuts, Serrated Flange Nuts, Internal Serrated Lock Washer, Repair Washer Assortments.
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O - Ring Assortments
Rubber, Fibre and Copper O - Rings. Bonded Seals Assortments.
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Rivets, Pin Assortments
Splined Threaded Inserts, Rivet, Spring Roll Pin, Split Pin, Clevis Pin Assortment.
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Self Drilling, Self Tapping and Acme Screws
Self Drilling Philips, Hexagon, Self Tapping and Acme Screw Assortments. Number Plate Screws.
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Setscrews, Nut, Washer, Circlip Assortments
High Tensile Setscrew, Nut and Washer Assortment, Machine Screw Assortment, Flat Washer, Linch Pin and Circlip Assortments
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