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Mitre TCT saw and table saw blade
Qty From Qty To Unit Price
1 £17.25
2 3 £16.25
4 5 £15.25
6 £14.75
  • Premium quality Professional TCT circular sawblades, for craftsmen that demand the very best.BL210
  • Provide outstanding cut accuracy, a remarkably clean, smooth finish, impressive cutting speed and a long service life
  • Heavy duty circular sawblades, produced from heavy-gauge high-grade Carbon Steel for great body-strength and durability
  • Fully hardened and tempered body (HRC40-46), that remains flat and well balanced in use, eliminating warping and vibration
  • Accurately machined bore to ensure the blade is precisely balanced
  • Ground and polished body finish
  • Advanced gullet design provides rapid and efficient chip removal
  • Fish-hook expansion slots reduce vibration and noise and assist heat dissipation, preventing blade distortion when the blade outer edge heats-up in use
  • Large size, high quality, 'micro-grain' Tungsten Carbide teeth that remain sharp and offer impressive cutting performance
  • Alternate top bevel (ATB) tip geometry, with a zero-degree rake angle, provides effortless cutting performance and safe use in mitre/chop saws
  • The zero-degree rake angle slows the material feed-rate and stops the blade's natural tendency to 'climb-up' the material being cut
  • Blades suitable for cutting: hardwood, particle board, plywood, softwood and exotic hardwood
  • Safety information permanently marked on reverse of blade
Product range:
  • BL210T 210mm x 30mm x 48 Teeth.
  • BL215T 215mm x 30mm x 48 Teeth.
  • BL215U 215mm x 30mm x 60 Teeth.
  • BL250A 250mm x 30mm x 24 Teeth.
  • BL250D 250mm x 30mm x 48 Teeth.
  • BL300A 300mm x 30mm x 30 Teeth.
  • BL300B 300mm x 30mm x 48 Teeth.
  • BL300C 300mm x 30mm x 60 Teeth.
  • BL305A 305mm x 30mm x 24 Teeth.
  • BL305B 305mm x 30mm x 48 Teeth.
  • BL305C 305mm x 30mm x 60 Teeth.
  • BL315B 315mm x 30mm x 30 Teeth.
  • BL315A 315mm x 30mm x 48 Teeth.

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