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Abtec4Abrasives / Mini Sander
Abtec4Abrasives / Mini Sander Abtec4Abrasives / Mini Sander Abtec4Abrasives / Mini Sander Abtec4Abrasives / Mini Sander
Mini Sander Set
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The Mini sander is an easy-to-handle and effective sanding tool. Pressure can be applied with the index finger which makes it possible to reachareas which are very difficult to access. Suitable for the restoration of furniture and for refurbishing windows, doors and window shutters.
Each set contains colour coded sheets, with hook & loop backing, for easy recognition as examples below:
Colour coded sheets for easy recognition as examples below:
1st Step Pre-sanding 2nd Step Sanding 3rd Step Finishing
80 - Coarse 120 - Medium 220 - Fine
Pre-sanding of chipped paint, varnish and rounding of edges. Rust removal, paint removal, sanding of deep scratches. Finishing to obtain optimum surface for subsequent glazing, painting or oiling of furniture.

The Mini sander set contains one ergonomic sander and 30 sheets (10 x Grit 80, 10 x Grit 120, 10 x Grit 220). A refill pack containing 30 sheets in assorted grits is also available. Sheet size 91mm x 27mm.

Product Code: 6780200

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