Made-to-Measure & Bespoke Sanding Belts

Abtec4Abrasives is a leading supplier of quality manufactured sanding and surface blending belts, all at highly competitive prices, for all industrial applications. We offer:
  • Belts from 6 mm through to 1600 mm wide and in all lengths.
  • Belts designed for sanding and polishing a diverse range of materials including wood, paints, lacquers, plastics, gel coat, hides, leather, resinous woods, steels, stainless steel, aluminium, fillers, marble granite, concrete, glass and MDF.
  • Belts manufactured by world leaders in abrasive technology including Norton, Sait, Hermes, SIA, Klingspor and Bibielle.
  • Belts using the latest technology in abrasive grain, bond and backing materials in both paper and cloth.
  • Quantity discounts available.
  • Advice and assistance in selecting the right belt.
  • Non-standard sized belts are usually delivered within 5-7 working days in the U.K. and 7-10 working days to Ireland and mainland Europe.
  • Fast track service is also available. Please call Michelle in customer services free on 0800 027 1928 or +44 (0)1945 585500. Email:
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Grit/grain size e.g. P36-P80-P220. If using an existing belt size, the grit size maybe found on the rear of the belt. For surface conditioning belts please advise belt colour.
Cloth or paper backing The majority of power file, portable belt machines, narrow belts on back-stand machines and wide belts for grinding metals use a cloth backing. Paper is often preferred for use on wide and pad sander belts when using P80 and finer.
Abrasive type Abtec4Abrasives is able to offer a range of abrasives to meet the requirement of sanding the workpiece material. If known please supply the abrasive type e.g. aluminium oxide or allow us to offer options based on the workpiece material.
Workpiece material e.g. Glass, hardwood, mild steel etc.
Quantity required Belts with a width from 3mm - 14mm Minimum order 100 off per grit size.
Belts with a width from 15mm - 20mm Minimum order 50 off per grit size.
Belts with a width from 21mm - 49mm Minimum order 20 off per grit size.
Belts with a width from 50mm -999mm Minimum order 10 off per grit size.
Belts with a width from 1000mm+ Minimum order 5 off per grit size.
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