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Ceramic abrasives have several advantages:

Long-lasting: Ceramic abrasives can last up to 6x longer than other abrasive grain types.

Self-sharpening: Known as a friable abrasive, ceramic materials break off in small fragments as the product is used, revealing new, sharp material. This helps maintain a consistent grinding and cutting action for an extended period.

Low-pressure application: Due to the unique sharpness and hardness of the grains, ceramic abrasives do not require the operator to exert as much pressure as other abrasives.

Good processing effect: Ceramic abrasives can always maintain a better processing effect because this material can fall off in layers and regularly, keeping the entire abrasive in a relatively sharp state.

Long usage time: One ceramic abrasive grain can be used for a long time due to its relatively large interval of regular shedding.

Small loss: Ceramic abrasives have a relatively small loss because of their high hardness, smooth surface, and good elasticity.

Good corrosion resistance: Ceramic abrasives have good corrosion resistance, making them suitable for grinding some corrosive materials.

Heat resistance: Ceramics do not create high temperatures or overheating.

These properties make ceramic abrasives suitable for a variety of applications, including cutting and grinding most wood and metal surfaces.

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