Grinding discs for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.


Grinding discs are essential tools in metal fabrication, offering the versatility to perform a range of tasks from heavy material removal to fine finishing. These robust discs are designed to fit into various angle grinders and are made from durable materials like aluminium oxide or silicon carbide. The thickness of the discs can vary, typically with grinding discs being thicker than cutting discs to handle more intense tasks. For instance, while a cutting disc might be 1mm thick, a grinding disc of the same diameter could be 6mm thick, providing the necessary strength for grinding down materials. They are available in different grit sizes for a variety of surface finishes, and specialised for use on stainless steel (inox), mild steel or aluminium. When selecting a grinding disc, it's important to consider the material you'll be working with and the type of finish required for the job at hand.