Drills, Pillar Drills & Drill Bits

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  • Drill Nibbler Attachment SNA9821

    Drill Nibbler Attachment SNA9821

    Watch the Video. Turns an electric or air drill into a versatile nibbler suitable for cutting intricate shapes in various materials.....
  • External Deburring/Chamfer Tool 3-19mm. DB04

    External Deburring/Chamfer Tool 3-19mm. DB04

    Watch the Video. Designed to clean up and repair threaded fasteners and studding quickly and safely. • Fitted with 3 x HSS blades to remove damaged metal and burrs.....
  • Headlight Restoration Kit. HRK01

    Headlight Restoration Kit. HRK01

    Watch the Video. Three-stage headlight restoration kit designed to eliminate the worst cases of headlight degradation, yellowing, oxidation and scratches.