Dressing Tools for Grinding Wheels

Abtec high precision grinding wheel dressing tools have a renowned reputation for quality when profiling and dressing conventional vitrified wheels. They are available in blade shape with needle diamonds and are suited to dressing profiles using infeed's and angular feeds ensuring consistent dressing results are achieved. Single point diamond dressers are often used in internal, surface and cylindrical grinding operations where it is difficult to measure the performance of the dressing tool on conventional grinding wheels. The diamond is centred in a steel shank with the carat of the diamond determined by the diameter of the wheel and its thickness.  For best results please contact Abtec for the optimum product. Ceramic abrasive requires a higher quality diamond and Abtec has produced a range of superior quality diamond dressers available from stock in the UK. Creating and adapting profiles on vitrified grinding wheels requires high performance diamond blades. Abtec manufactures and stocks diamond profile blades in a range of angles and radii. A very convenient way of reducing dressing costs is to employ the use of multi-point dressers especially on large diameter grinding wheels. Abtec manufacture and stock in the UK multi-point dressing tools in various shapes and sizes to fit a range of grinding machines. 

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