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Diamond pastes
The Abtec range of diamond grinding paste is ideal for work on injectors and die casting moulds, polishing of tungsten carbide tools and final finishing on high precision measuring surfaces and points.
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Diamond coated drill bits, grinding burrs and points
Diamond coated drill bits, burrs and points for use with power drills and die grinders.
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Diamond hand pads
Polishing, light deburring and smoothing of granite, marble, stone, glass and ceramic products. Available individually or in sets of 4 or 8 pads.
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Diamond polishing pads
Premium diamond impregnated hook & loop backed polishing pads for final finishing and lapping for the stone, granite and marble industries. For wet or dry use. Backing pads and drill attachments.
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Hand-Held Diamond Files
Diamond coated files. All shapes. Click on the image to view price and discount structure......
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Diamond Cutting Blades
Diamond abrasive cutting blades for use in the construction and building....
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