Broomate Cleaning Solution

Broomate represents a sweeping revolution in cleaning solutions, designed for a variety of environments from production facilities to agricultural premises. This innovative product offers a robust and environmentally friendly way to keep large areas clean without the need for rotating or electrical parts. The Broomate cleaning solution is notable for its simplicity and efficiency, featuring high-quality strip brushes under a solid galvanised hood that can be attached to a wide range of industrial or agricultural vehicles. It's a maintenance-free system that promises a long service life, with brush strips lasting up to 800 kilometres, and all parts being recyclable. Whether it's heavy debris, slurry, or even snow, Broomate provides a professional and cost-effective cleaning solution that's easy to use and versatile in its application. The absence of hydraulics, motors, or electrical components not only reduces maintenance but also makes it an eco-friendly option for keeping spaces clean and operational.
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  • Broomate Professional Cleaning Solution

    Broomate Professional Cleaning Solution

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    Manufactured to the highest standard, it is highly versatile, it can be used to clear commercial and industrial debris, rubbish, leaves and even.....