Bibielle Surface Conditioning Products

Strip it discs

Ideal for removing rust, paints and clogging material and clearing welds.

SDR-RED Strip-it red discs with fibreglass backing

More rigid than the black version with a faster cut and a longer life.


Surface Conditioning Scrim Back discs
Provides consistent, uniform finishing and rapid cutting and readiness.

Surface Conditioning Heavy Duty discs
Provides consistent and uniform finishing.


Quick change Surface Conditioning discs
Thanks to the compact design they can be used in hard to reach places.

Surface Conditioning belts

The special design ensures exceptional durability.

Surface Conditioning ideal for narrow belts
Has a very flexible structure that prevents delamination.

Unitized quick change discs
Provides a close to mirror finish and is usable in difficult to reach areas.

Unitized Fiberglass Backing discs
Thanks to its high speed the BUF disc offers fast operation on large work surfaces.

Convolute wheels
Has a long life when used on edges or sharp parts and is cool running.