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Aluminium Blades
Qty From Qty To Unit Price
1 £16.50
2 4 £15.50
5 9 £14.50
10 £13.50
  • Heavy gauge, high-grade steel body for durability
  • Body is fully hardened (HRC 40-46) and tempered to remain flat, dimensionally stable and perfectly balanced, eliminating blade warping and vibration
  • Accurately machined bore to ensure the blade is precisely balanced
  • Ground and polished body finish
  • Fish-hook expansion slots reduce vibration & noise and assist heat dissipation, preventing distortion when the outer edge of the blade heats-up in use
  • High quality micro-grain carbide is used to produce teeth that 'stay sharp' longer
  • Triple ground chip (TGC) tooth geometry
  • Negative 3° rake angle provides excellent cutting performance in non-ferrous metals
  • Suitable for cutting: aluminium, brass, bronze, copper and other non-ferrous metals
  • PLEASE NOTE: Frequently apply a cutting lubricant, such as wax, to the tip area to prevent waste build-up in the blade gullets
Blade sizes:
  • BL184L 184mm x 30mm x 48 Teeth. 16mm/20mm bushes included.
  • BL210L 210mm x 30mm x 48 Teeth.
  • BL215M 215mm x 30mm x 60 Teeth.
  • BL215L 215mm x 30mm x 40 Teeth.
  • BL215N 215mm x 30mm x 80 Teeth.
  • BL250L 250mm x 30mm x 60 Teeth.
  • BL250M 250mm x 30mm x 80 Teeth. 20mm/25mm bushes included.
  • BL250N 250mm x 30mm x 100 Teeth. 20mm/25mm bushes included.
  • BX254A 254mm x 30mm x 80 Teeth. 20mm/25mm bushes included.
  • BL300L 300mm x 30mm x 72 Teeth. 20mm/25mm bushes included.
  • BL300M 305mm x 30mm x 96 Teeth. 
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Price per blade. Please choose blade size from drop-down box.

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