Advanced abrasive grinding & cutting wheels

Advanced grinding and cutting abrasive products

Diamond is the hardest material known to man, closely followed by cubic boron nitride (CBN). As a result of their hardness these materials are used extensively in the most demanding precision grinding, slicing and cutting applications. Typical work materials include carbide, high speed steel, ceramics and glass. As well as Diamond and CBN, ceramic aluminium oxide abrasive is an important addition to the choice of advanced abrasive wheels used in internal, surface and cylindrical grinding applications.

Why use advanced abrasive products

Diamond and CBN wheels are designed to grind and cut the hardest materials known to man, helping make 'difficult to grind' applications routine operations. Hardness, abrasion resistance, compressive strength, thermal conductivity are all features designed to achieve a high level of precision and quality, making them a logical choice for a wide range of applications. Diamond and CBN are ideal for CNC machine operations but can also be used on conventional machines for tool and cutter, profile grinding, surface grinding and saw sharpening applications.

Ceramic aluminium oxide is harder and sharper than other conventional abrasive grains. The ceramic grain has a unique micro crystalline structure and when used in a grinding operation this micro crystalline structure becomes self-sharpening. This leads to a reduction in the need for wheel dressing and considerably cooler cutting action. Ceramic aluminium oxide grain is a cost effective alternative to CBN as it can be used successfully in conventional applications on older less rigid machinery.

Applications and markets

Diamond CBN Ceramic aluminium oxide
Cemented carbide High speed tool steels High speed tool steels
Glass Die steels Chrome plate
Ceramics Hardened carbon steels Hardened steel
Fibreglass Alloy steels Aerospace alloys
Plastics Aerospace alloys Stellite
Stone Hard stainless steel Inox
Abrasives Abrasion-resistant ferrous materials Steel (high carbon/ high chrome content)
Electric components

Our suppliers

Norton Saint-Gobain continual investment in R&D and close collaboration with customers generates highly performance optimised innovations. This strong commitment ensures that exciting new products are continuously introduced which offer substantial customer benefits. Helping to improve process productivity and reshape the world of abrasive solutions. Norton Saint-Gobain provides ultimate, high performance abrasive solutions for the cutting tool industry, offering products specifically designed to deal with the hardest and most challenging materials.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of bonded grinding wheels the family run Tyrolit company has been synonymous with superior quality, innovative spirit and outstanding service since 1919.
High precision ceramic, diamond and CBN wheels are produced using the most modern manufacturing technology and production facilities.

Abtec in conjunction with specialist UK based manufacturers provide a range of diamond & CBN products for all industries. Excellent product quality and innovation in bond technology is reinforced by a high level of solution solving expertise and very quick delivery. For resellers and distributors we are able to supply your brand name on products at no extra cost.

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