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152mm x 25mm x 25.4mm. Polishing wheels for bench and pedestal machines.
Qty From Qty To Unit Price
1 £39.12
2 2 £51.11
3 3 £45.43
4 5 £39.75
6 10 £36.91

For use on bench and pedestal mounted machines, unitised wheels consist of compressed and bonded layers of non-woven abrasive. Product no. 66261055223

Applications range from deburring, cleaning composites, removing sharp edges to achieving excellent finishes on nearly all surfaces. Unitised wheels are ideally suited for use on harder materials, such as titanium or stainless steel. Manufactured by Norton Abrasives.


  • Easily preformed. Use on a variety of shapes and contours.
  • Hold shape. Less wheel dressing.
  • Non-metallic. No contamination of the workpiece.
  • Uniform construction. Extra long life. Maintains part tolerance prevents cutting or gouging. 
  • Smear resistant formula. Excellent smear resistant free finish

You should ensure that you are fully informed on the safe operation of abrasive cutting and grinding wheels. More on training in the use of cutting and grinding wheels........

Price per wheel.

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