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115 mm. Gloss polishing felt flap disc and compound for angle grinders.
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Gloss polishing flap discs are made from high quality special felt and are designed for final polishing applications to achieve a mirror finish. Felt polishing discs should be used in conjunction with a polishing compound. Manufactured for Abtec by Tyrolit.
  • Disc dimensions: Diameter 115mm. Hole size 22mm. Maximum RPM 13300.
  • White polishing compound 110 gram bar: Pre-polishing of steel and stainless steel.
  • Blue polishing compound 110 gram bar: Gloss polishing.
Recommended use:
1. The gloss polishing flap disc is always used with a corresponding polishing compound.
2. Start with a white pre-polishing compound.
3. Use a new polishing flap disc with a high gloss polishing compound in order to obtain a high gloss surface.
4. With a reduced working speed of 4500 RPM better polishing results are achieved than with the grinder at full speed.

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