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Grinding wheels and dressers
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  • You should ensure that you are fully informed on the safe operation of abrasive cutting and grinding wheels. More on training in the use of cutting and grinding wheels........

Did you know?
We can manufacture almost any size grinding wheel. In various abrasive, grit sizes and bonds.  At competitive prices and fast lead times.
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Grinding wheels for bench, surface, cylindrical & tool & cutter grinders.
Taper cup, straight cup, plain and recessed grinding wheels. Unreinforced (elastic) cutting wheels.
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Hand-held dressing tools
Diamond dressers and 'star' type dressers for use on bench and pedestal grinders. White aluminium oxide and dark silicon carbide abrasive dressing sticks.
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Single point, multi-point and shaped wheel dressing tools.
Single point, multi-point and shaped diamond dressers for sharpening, truing and forming vitrified bonded wheels on most fixed wheel machines.
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Mounted points, wheels and burrs for portable machines
'A' and 'B' shaped mounted points, 'W' shaped mounted wheels for internal and external grinding applications. Shaped polishing points and wheels. Diamond coated burrs and points. Wheel sets.
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Polishing wheels. Diamond lapping pastes.
Polishing wheels for producing excellent finishes on nearly all surfaces. Ideally suited for use on harder materials, such as titanium or stainless steel. Diamond pastes for achieving superb finishes on ferrous metals, tungsten carbide, high speed steel, stainless steel, and many stone based products including precious stones. .
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Grinding wheel reducing bushes
Grinding wheel reducing bushes locate on the bore of a wheel to reduce the bore diameter to the required diameter of the spindle.
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