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High quality sanding discs, flap discs, flap wheels, fibre-backed discs, semi-flexible discs, surface blending and floor sanding discs and screens. Backing pads.
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Sanding discs. Plain, self-adhesive, hook & loop, screen and double sided.
Sanding discs with hook and loop, self-adhesive or plain backing to fit most machines. Available in sizes from 80mm to 915mm to meet all sanding requirements including woods, fillers, paints, lacquers, metal surfaces, steels, stainless steel, marble, concrete, fibre glass, plastic materials, glass and wooden floors.
Category Details
Quick change discs.
Quick change, quick release discs are available in 50mm and 75mm diameter. Ideal for sanding applications including blending light welds, breaking edges and removing parting lines and machine marks. Also suitable for surface blending and conditioning and are most effective when used with pneumatic tools. Requires suitable backing pad.
Category Details
Resin bonded fibre sanding discs and backing pads for angle grinders.
Resin bonded fibre sanding discs are available from 100mm to 180mm diameter in a range of abrasives used for sanding, deburring of metals, stone based products including marble, wood and stainless steel. For use with portable angle grinders and suitable backing pad.
Category Details
Flap discs
Flap discs used on portable angle grinders do not require a backing pad. Available in a range of grit sizes offer greater control of the grinding and sanding process over reinforced grinding discs. Zirconia abrasive will grind most steels including stainless steels and non-ferrous metals and their alloys effectively.
Category Details
Discs, screens and pads for floor sanding.
Abtec offer a wide range of non-woven floor pads for scrubbing and cleaning and silicon carbide abrasive screen discs, from stripping right through to mirror gloss finishing. For use with floor sanding machinery.
Category Details
Semi-flexible discs.
Semi-flexible discs can be used instead of depressed-centre grinding wheels and sanding discs on portable angle grinders. The flexibility of the product leads to improved performance as it easily works around contours. Semi-flexible discs are available in silicon carbide abrasive for use on marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete, fibre glass and cast iron.
Category Details
Surface blending and polishing
Polishing and surface blending discs, belts, rolls, pads, points and wheels. AbTec offers a broad range of non-woven abrasives for cleaning, finishing and polishing operations. Non-woven abrasive is of an open mesh construction, waterproof, washable, resilient, conformable, non-loading, non-conductive, non-metallic and non-rusting.
Category Details
Backing pads
Backing pads for orbital sanders, angle grinders and power drills. Click on the image for more details.
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