Surface blending of stainless steel

Working with stainless steel tubing youv’e managed to grind away the burrs, high spots and weld excess. But as you go finer in grit size the disc is causing a darkening or ‘burning’ of the steel. Conventional zirconia abrasive grain is ideal for work on stainless but when you attempt to use P120 or finer you may just find the burning problem increases. Finer grit sizes will only exacerbate the problem.

This is where non-woven products can provide the answer you need. Non-woven products are made up of strong synthetic mesh and a high quality abrasive. Effectively they provide a finer finish without increasing heat levels preventing damage to the work-piece. They are available in all forms and sizes including belt for portable belt sanders, disc for angle grinders, ‘roloc’ type and spindle mounted wheels for use with drills and die grinders and also for offhand use on belt sanders and bench grinders.

You can find out more, including video, by clicking the links below:


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